She'd totally suck my WHAT?!

2014-06-02 22:51:50 by BlackSen

Sooo...apparently im getting a little popular, because people are noticing me out in the streets nowadays. This one girl in particular is my very first fangirling fangirl...meaning she went crazy over the fact that im sitting right in front of her. lol but what she said....what she said REALLY threw me off. Uploaded this to Newgrounds, but check it out on Youtube to help me get a bit more revenue, huh? :D


Hope you all enjoy it! Was very fun to make, and a very crazy experience i HAD to share.





Swoozie Collaboration

2014-01-05 11:31:15 by BlackSen

Sooooo, I did a collaboration with the famous Swoozie.

no big deal.

Go check it out!

Obviously, this kinda put me on the YouTube radar.



Squigly all Boobed Up

2013-12-05 18:17:35 by BlackSen

Hey there guys.

Anyone ever play the game Skullgirls? I have, and I LOVE IT. One of my favorite characters on the game is Squigly, SO I decided to draw a bit of fanart. BUT I took it up another level and made a Speed Paint video. This is me sharing the video, hoping you guys will like it.

Be sure to comment either here on in the youtube comments telling me who you'd like to see next! Thinking about making "Boobified" into a little speed paint series. And forgive the crappy Windows Movie Maker effects. Still learning photoshop. lol

The finished drawing will be able to be seen on here real soon.

Hope you all like it! Share, like and stuff. And please drop me a Subscribe if you like my stuff. :)



Swoozie - Animation Redux

2013-08-15 03:40:40 by BlackSen

Hi guys!

So, with the permission of popular YouTuber Swoozie06, I recreated one of his videos High School Girls and Backrubs.
The animation can be seen on youtube, and will be available to watch as well here on Newgrounds very soon.
This is my first...well ONLY....long animation, and I wanted to share it with you guys.
Would definitely like to know what you think of it. Check it out below!

PS: Swoozie has indeed seen it and we are now talking about doing some collaborations for future videos. :D

If you dont know Swoozie, now is a good time to check him out!
Swoozie's Original Vid

Swoozie - Animation Redux