Entry #4

She'd totally suck my WHAT?!

2014-06-02 22:51:50 by BlackSen

Sooo...apparently im getting a little popular, because people are noticing me out in the streets nowadays. This one girl in particular is my very first fangirling fangirl...meaning she went crazy over the fact that im sitting right in front of her. lol but what she said....what she said REALLY threw me off. Uploaded this to Newgrounds, but check it out on Youtube to help me get a bit more revenue, huh? :D


Hope you all enjoy it! Was very fun to make, and a very crazy experience i HAD to share.






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2014-06-02 23:27:53

Loved it, I think best part was when the boyfriend went all badass and when that part went Dragon Ball art style


2014-06-03 01:29:39

I never saw you work before but that was awesome fan +1. Sorry but her line won't be won't be coming from me tho lol. >XD


2014-06-03 06:30:51

that story was a lie and i did not find that video to be that funny


2014-06-03 07:31:33

I'm not sure why I like these so much but I do.
I enjoyed both watching and listening (Laughed harder than I should of at the clouds).

Though I've loved the content I've seen from you so far (I just watched a lot of videos after this one). My only problem is that you're not as active as I'd like, but that's understandable.

I can explain this a little bit though. YouTube is set up to refer videos you make to people that live near you, so there's a decent chance that this will happen here and there before you do get big XD


2014-06-03 12:26:34

Dude... This was awesome!

Like I just login to Newgrounds and I just happen to see you on the front and click on your update. Holy crap, this is good! I found myself laughing the more I watched this. +1 fan man!


2014-06-03 12:27:11

haha, that was great


2014-06-03 14:04:55

Reminded me ALOT of swoozie, i also liked how you paid a tad homage to him in your video.


2014-06-04 01:26:56

Awww C: you're awesome bae
Love you so much boo dont let them get to you always stay true to your dreams <3


2014-06-04 17:33:46

Damn, Negro. That was funny!


2014-06-05 13:58:59

I gotta respect ya for not taking that offer, takes a good man to handle it like you did.

Good work.


2014-06-05 19:32:47

good work, mr sen.
please check out my review, it was lengthy, and pretty funny at times.
also, i just saw your movies, they are GOOD. you've got yourself a new fan!
(no worries tho, im p. normal, LOL!)

good movie, i enjoyed it alot. nice narrative, and you have an awesome voice/great animation.
keep it up!


2014-06-08 21:45:52

i think at 3:45 i will, umm... i... i will froze too :P ... or say: ooookay, i'm going out, see you later...(walk normal)...(walk fast)...(run)...(run like some one want kill you)...(run 30 km/hour)
lol, that what i will do :3


2014-06-15 09:30:19

"help me get a bit more revenue, huh? :D"

wow, you're not even trying to hide it, are you